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Twelve Apostles

23 x 65 x 6

Silver and Black Apostle

23 x 9 x 6

Black & White Figures

54 x 16 x 17

Black and White Figure, Yellow and Silver Grey Figures, Blue and Silver Grey Figures

23 x 6 x 6 (small), 50 x 9 x 9, 54 x 16 x 17,

Blue and Silver Grey Figures, Yellow and Silver Grey Figures

54 x 16 x 17, 50 x 9 x 9

Yellow and Silver Grey Figures

50 x 9 x 9

In the Ocean Road series I am attempting to capture in a single dynamic moment the interaction of sea, foam, spray, strata & wind. The sea stacks, popularly known as the ‘Twelve Apostles‘, fired my imagination resulting in figurative structures.

‘I am delighted that Loretta Braganza’s journey as an artist is being celebrated both in Bedes World, Jarrow and Studio Eleven Hull. Hosting Clay Journeys in Bedes World showcases contemporary art at its very best.’

Mike Benson, Director, Bedes World, Jarrow


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