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Small Script,(both images), Turning Stones

25 x 23 x 16

Black and White, (both images) Turning Stones

24 x 25 x 25

Small Script, (both images), Turning Stones

25 x 23 x 16

Woodcut, Turning Stones

24 x 17 x 17

Black & White Textures

These teetering structures of Hampi have inspired my fused forms of Turning Stones which can be positioned in different configurations – changing their dynamics and viewer experience.

‘The most recent ceramic forms in this exhibition take Loretta to a new threshold of abstraction, and an uncompromising brush with creative austerity. They are rich, vivid and unusual. She feels that her work explores the infra-thin gap “between certainty and doubt” that we all traverse. Static cohesion and changing polarities co-exist within the same piece, easily prompting Bergsonian rumination about matter and memory.’

David Briers, Art writer and critic

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